Here are 5 steps I think will get you paid for words. Do them in order. Don’t skip number 1. 

1. Write
I know this seems obvious and yet. Yet. This talks about how to write more and places to put that writing. 

2. Read
It’s important to have heroes. And examples. This covers what to put into your eyeballs and earholes.

3. Convince yourself you’re a writer
Actually the hardest part. Once you’ve done 1 and 2, now it’s time to sell yourself to your harshest critic. (Yes it’s you and no I’m not embarrassed by this obvious set up.) This is how I managed. 

4. Put yourself out there
I’m sure there’s a way to become a paid writer that doesn’t involve meeting people, but that’s not how I did it. This goes into where you might do that, how it’s not the worst thing ever, and how you probably won’t die.

5. Take a writing job
I bet some people get the job of their dreams right out of the gate. I didn’t. This is about how to even find a job (hint: step 4 is part of it) and when to say yes.